Flynt Usina

Flynt Usina, President

Flynt Usina learned all the ins and outs of the packaging business with hands on experience working at the United Packaging Corporation plant. He started at the company in 1989, working as a packer/laborer. After learning how to operate, troubleshoot and repair all the equipment, he was made foreman of the packaging operation, and soon implemented additional quality and efficiency standards that helped to increase plant productivity and enhance margins. Flynt’s focus on customer satisfaction, fast turnaround and meticulous adherence to production specifications helped the company continue to grow and prosper. In 1992, the directors of the company appointed Flynt as president of United Packaging Corporation, a role he continues to serve in today. In addition to managing the overall operations and fiscal responsibilities of the company, Flynt can still be found in the plant on many days, assisting in production and leading the team by example. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty to ensure company expectations are met, and to build employee dedication and loyalty. Flynt is a graduate of St. Louis University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Planning, with additional academic concentration in Math, Science and Computer Science. Prior to joining United Packaging, Flynt was a licensed real estate broker/salesperson and managed Usina Realty.