United Packaging Corporation specializes in co-packing and bulk bag packaging services for manufacturers and distributors of non-hazardous bulk powders, chemicals, and related products. UPC has decades of experience in handling calcium carbonate (lime), as well as a wide variety of powders and chemicals.  We’ve been strategically located in the St. Louis MO area since 1987. Our central Midwestern location makes us an ideal logistic choice for companies looking to outsource their contract packaging, industrial packaging, copacking, and material handling processes.

United Packaging receives bulk powders and bulk solids by rail car or truck, and we quickly unload, package, palletize, and ship customer product to locations throughout the United States and worldwide. In 2017, we’re expanding our facilities to provide greater capacity and increased warehousing capability, and well as greater flexibility to set up dedicated handling and storage systems as needed. UPC fills all types of bags including bulk bags, fibc bags and a variety of valve bags. We also fill fiber drums, Gaylord boxes and more.

Our mission is to simplify and speed up your bulk packaging process. You don’t need to take on the expenses or learn the skills associated with setting up and running your own in-house packaging operation. Let United Packaging Corporation help you cost effectively meet your customer demand as your contract packaging services partner. Founded by Lee Usina, and now owned and operated by Flynt Usina, UPC will always be approachable, straight talking, and easy to deal with.

Contact Us today and we’ll help you assess your situation and bulk packaging needs, including shipping details, package design, processing, freight and overall planning.


Material Handling

Material handling processes integral to packaging various types of dry bulk products. These can include screening, lump breaking, and metal separation. Read More

Bulk Packaging

UPC is your ideal packaging containers partner for your non-hazardous dry bulk materials and chemicals. Specializing in filling valve bags, bulk bags, shipping drums, Gaylord boxes and more,

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Your bulk product is shipped bulk by truck or rail to our plant located in the central U.S., in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

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Repackaging Services

Sometimes customers have product ready to go in one type of packaging, but they have a customer who needs it in something else. Read More

take advantage of the power of contract packaging.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using United Packaging Corporation as your partner in co packing and toll manufacturing.

Super-Competitive Pricing

Save on Freight

– Ship it Bulk

Open New Markets

Save on Bulk Freight

Increase Your Reach

Private Labeling

Opportunities Available

Move Stagnant Inventory


Outsourcing your periodic or ongoing bulk packaging needs to United Packaging Corporation just makes sense. Companies can realize increased revenues, reduced expenses and significant profit increases, while staying focuses on their core competencies and generating sales of their product.

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