Co-Packer in the central U.S.

Co-packing, contract packaging, toll manufacturing, industrial packaging, bulk packaging, toll processing, chemical packaging, bulk powder packaging services.  All of those are terms used to describe what United Packaging Corporation does. We are an outsource packaging partner for companies who need to ship their chemical and bulk raw material through the Midwest for distribution throughout the United States and internationally.

The concept is simple. Your bulk product is shipped by truck or rail to our plant, located in the central U.S., in the St. Louis metropolitan area. We receive and unload your bulk raw materials or chemical products and use our specially designed blower systems to efficiently handle and package your product into a variety of bulk packaging. Weights and densities are strictly controlled to meet the specific requirements of your products.

Our toll manufacturing and copacking capabilities are extensive, and our production lines can be easily retrofitted to meet your specific prepackaging material handling processesOur packaging and material handling systems are constructed of stainless steel and designed for easy cleaning access to eliminate potential cross-contamination. We also have the ability to warehouse your product for immediate on demand delivery.

United Packaging Corporation has the skills and experience to give you a complete analysis of your packaging needs. We can help with every step of the overall planning process, from package design and container selection, to receiving, processing, freight and redistribution.

Contact Us today to discuss your bulk packaging needs and how outsourcing to United Packaging Corp can help you cost effectively reach niche markets, handle surge demand, move stagnant inventory, private label your products for customers and resellers, and more.