St. Louis Contract Packaging

Contract packaging creates advantages that grow your business and save you money

Outsourcing your periodic or ongoing bulk packaging needs to United Packaging Corporation just makes sense. Companies can realize increased revenues, reduced expenses and significant profit increases, while staying focused on their core competencies and generating sales of their product. Here are just a few of the benefits of using United Packaging Corporation as your partner in contract packaging:

  • Core Competency: Focus, focus, focus. You’re not a packaging company. We are. Stick to what you’re good at and let UPC help you handle your bulk packaging and distribution needs.
  • Super-Competitive Pricing: We are incredibly efficient at what we do. We’ve been in the chemical and bulk products packaging industry since the 1980’s, and we’re well capitalized for ongoing equipment upgrades and maintenance. That means United Packaging Corporation can almost always beat our competitors on pricing, quality and turnaround. Working with a competitor of ours? Call us.
  • Capitalize without Capitalization: Take advantage of new market opportunities by outsourcing your contract packaging needs to United Packaging Corporation, without the huge expense of procuring packaging equipment, hiring and training production workers, and maintaining equipment, quality and efficiency in-house. United Packaging is the ideal outsource partner to help you reduce your packaging costs and increase your bottom line.
  • Open New Markets: There may be alternative ongoing or periodic markets for your bulk products that require specialized packaging. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the container your product is packaged in to allow you to sell to new customers.
  • Save on Bulk Freight Costs to Increase Your Reach: Too expensive to ship your product to certain parts of the country? Consider the cost-saving advantages of shipping your products bulk by truck or rail to United Packaging’s plant located in the central United States. We can package your product to your exact specifications, then ship and distribute your product to any domestic or international destination.
  • Private Labeling Opportunities: If you have customers interested in private labeling your bulk product for sale to the end consumer, we can help. As an experienced Co Packer, United Packaging Corporation has the skills and expertise to help you with all aspects of your bulk packaging and private labeling needs, including shipping details, package design, processing, freight and overall planning.
  • Production By-Products that You Could Sell: If your manufacturing processes generate non-hazardous by-products that could generate revenue for you if you were to package and sell it, United Packaging Corporation can help. Instead of disposing of saleable by-products, bulk ship those by-products to us for packaging and redistribution to the destination of your choice.
  • Move Stagnant Inventory: If you have inventory that’s sitting around because it’s in the wrong type of packaging to meet customer needs, call United Packaging Corporation today. Need to transfer bulk bags full of material into valve bags? Or empty drums into Gaylord boxes? We can do it.
  • Avoid Missing Sales Due to Surge Demand: When sales are good, sometimes they outpace your company’s in-house capabilities to keep up. If your company is behind on deliveries of your bulk products because customer demand is exceeding your packaging capabilities, United Packaging is your answer.
  • New Product Development: Let United Packaging Corporation do the work of packaging your new products for test market without incurring downtime on your normal production lines.
  • Rework Off-Spec or Aged Inventory: Don’t take a loss if you don’t have to. Sometimes what isn’t right for one customer is perfect for another. Instead of throwing it away, let United Packaging Corporation help you repackage otherwise wasted product for a particular customer or niche market.