valve bags

St. Louis Packaging Company Fills Valve Bags

United Packaging Corporation is a contract industrial bag filler for multi-wall paper and plastic valve bags of all types. We can help you with the design and selection of the ideal bags for your dry bulk products, including tuck in sleeve, poly lock, paper tube, sonic seal, extended inner sleeves of paper or film and more. Depending upon the particular needs of your product, the right bags may include optional substrates and layers customized to fit your product. Our top quality equipment and experienced packers ensure your product is packaged with special attention to material degradation to ensure we meet your exact specification of weight tolerances, density and more.

We’ll help you assess which valve bags best fit your product needs. We have years of experience filling valve bags, which gives us the skills and expertise to help you with all aspects of your bulk packaging needs, including shipping details, package design, processing, freight and overall planning.