gaylord boxes

Co Packer Company fills Gaylord Boxes

United Packaging Corporation is a contract packaging company centrally located in the Midwestern United States, with all the skills and capabilities needed to package dry bulk materials into Gaylord boxes. Also called “bulk boxes”, “bulk bins”, “skid boxes” and “tote boxes”, Gaylord boxes are pallet-sized boxes used for storage and shipping of bulk dry products. Bulk boxes are usually made of double-wall or triple-wall corrugated fiberboard, and some versions have separate covers or lids, or separate base pieces. Various liners and box reinforcements can be used to control bulging. Corrugated cardboard tends to be inexpensive, and is recyclable.  There are also wooden boxes for dry bulk packaging, as well as boxes made of aluminum or steel for heavy industry and food grade product. Plastic totes or corrugated plastic boxes are also common for packaging bulk materials. For products sensitive to moisture or for liquid products, inner plastic liners or bin bags may also be appropriate depending upon the specific needs of your product.

Contact Us today and we’ll help you assess which bulk boxes best fit your product needs. As an experienced Co Packer, United Packaging Corporation has the skills and expertise to help you with all aspects of your bulk packaging needs, including shipping details, package design, processing, freight and overall planning.