packaged material receiving

Receiving Packaged Bulk Materials – Repackaging Services

Sometimes customers have product ready to go in one type of packaging, but they have a customer who needs it in something else. We’ve taken bulk bags full of product and repackaged them into valve bags and vice versa. We’ve even taken packaged product and converted it back to bulk and loaded into truck or rail cars. Whatever your dry bulk repackaging needs, United Packaging has the capabilities and resources to get the job done for you.

Our location in the St. Louis metropolitan area in the central U.S. puts United Packaging Corporation right in the path of major trucking and rail routes, and is ideal for redistributing your products to any domestic or international destination.

Contact Us today to discuss your bulk repackaging needs. As an experienced co-packer, United Packaging Corporation has the skills and expertise to help you with all aspects of your bulk packaging needs, including shipping details, package design, processing, freight and overall planning.