Lump breakers and pre-breakers

United Packaging Corporation has all the resources necessary to retrofit our production lines to meet your specific production needs, including running your dry bulk product through lump breaking processes to reduce the size of the particles in your dry bulk materials. Various lump breaking processes are available, including lump breakers or pre-breakers to crush lumps or aggregates in bulk powder material. Depending on the nature of the bulk material, we may use high speed breakers or low speed breakers that can reduce lumps or aggregates without reducing the granular size of the material. High speed breakers are effective, but can be more destructive to the granular material.  Low speed breakers are used with more fragile particulates so that the aggregates can be broken down with less heat, and less fine dust as a result of the lump breaking process.

Contact Us today and we’ll help you assess which lump breaking processes best fit your product needs. As an experienced co-packer and toll manufacturer, United Packaging Corporation has the skills and expertise to help you with all aspects of your bulk packaging needs, including shipping details, package design, processing, freight and overall planning.