hydrated lime

Hydrated Lime – Calcium Hydroxide Bagging and Handling

Hydrated lime, Ca(OH)2, is a powdered mineral product that has many variants with a variety of industrial applications. Along with quicklime, it’s one of the two manufactured forms of lime.  It’s typically distributed in 50lb sacks, or as a bulk product in pneumatic tankers. When water is added, it can be flow through pipes as a slurry.

UPC can receive, handle and bag Hydrated Lime FGT, HR, SP, Food Grade Hydrated Lime, VitaCal® H, PetroCal® H, and StoverCal™ H

Generally, it is used in chemical manufacturing, construction, and water treatment applications.

Hydrated lime made from pure calcium oxide will be roughly 74 percent calcium oxide and 24 percent chemically combined water.

Calcium hydroxide is commonly used in cement, mortar, stucco, and plaster.

In the paper industry, it’s used in the process of making wood pulp.   In the food industry, calcium hydroxide is used to purify water, especially water that is used in making soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. It can also be used as a calcium additive. In steel making, it’s used to separate impurities from molten steel. It is an eye, skin, and lung irritant, and should be handled accordingly.