Flynt Usina, Lee Usina, and Tim Christman


United Packaging Corporation was founded in 1987 by Lee Usina and his then partner, Keith Payne. As a chemical engineer who had a long career with Monsanto, Lee recognized the critical need in the marketplace for contract packaging services for bulk material in niche markets. He knew the extensive costs companies faced setting up in-house packaging facilities, and the operational headaches of managing bulk packaging processes, especially for short run niche products and intermittent industrial packaging needs.

The concept is simple. Customers save by bulk shipping their products to our Midwest packaging company. They save by outsourcing their toll manufacturing and contract packaging needs to United Packaging, who cost-effectively packages their products to their exact specifications. They save again on freight by shipping their packaged products from our St. Louis packaging facility.

Understanding the specialized bulk materials and chemical packaging needs of our customers is our business. Our packaging technology and systems allow us to strictly control the material handling requirements of bulk materials of all types, ensuring that finished packaged products are free from cross-contamination and meet all packaging specifications. United Packaging Corporation prides itself on providing on-time delivery, and fast response time for those special emergency packaging needs that can mean the difference between profit and loss for our customers.